Platform Development: Update 19

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Hi, all! Please find below a regular development status report, this one covering the period from Jan 7 to Jan 20, 2019. Within this timeframe, we were strongly focused on the Adaptive Dark Theme Design (finalizing development in React/Redux components), further SDK evolution, and working on implementing Fiat Payments System.

Adaptive Dark Theme Design

Speaking of the Adaptive Dark Theme Design, we’re happy to state that we have completed the web application development in React/Redux components, for these processes:

  • Tokens deposit process;
  • Tokens withdrawal process;

Further on, we have started developing the “Settings” page, and have already implemented the “2FA switch on/off” option. This functionality is conveyed for testing.

Currently under development are the “Transaction history” section, “Privacy Policy”, “Terms & Conditions” and “Terms of Use Policy” modal windows.

We should also mention, that the basic language of The Adaptive Dark Theme Design is English. The next stage of development includes the localization to other languages.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

In the context of SDK evolution task, we have completed the development, and are now testing, the pRBAC system parameters and functionality.

The implemented Administrator Account now allows to edit games and game content. The Support Team was granted with rights to perform fast & independent (i.e. without the help from the Development team) actions assisting users and addressing their needs.

And finally, we have started working (writing description) with Embedded JS API. One of its schemes is shown below.

Embedded JS purchase process flow

Implementing Fiat Payments System (FPS)

Our specialists from IT, Finance and Business Analytics departments have held a series of meetings contributing to elaborating the Fiat Payments System scheme, which also considers the ability of payments (purchases) with various currencies (both fiat and crypto).

Sergey Karpenko, Head of International Finance, working out the plan for user fiat/crypto accounts

By now, we have completed the design and description of the plan for user fiat/crypto accounts. More specifically, we have designed the funds flow algorithm, considering most of scenarios for cash flow and distribution between the platform and the developers. The complexity level of this work was extremely high due to the lack of legal ground (Regulatory documentation, Acts and Laws) for tokens/cryptocurrency use in various countries, except for Malta.

The cash flow algorithm

Aside from that, our Design Department have introduced a number of variants for payment (purchase) method selection on the platform. We have chosen the best solutions to be implemented in MVP. Technical specification for fiat payments is in the final stage of completion.

The Design Department have also compiled a library describing the work process with Xsolla’s API.

Token Circulation System (TCS)

Furthermore, we have completed the development and are now testing the next stage of The Abyss Token Circulation System (TCS). The current stage is called “Tokens Dynamic Source Selection for Withdrawal”. We have already designed the Tokens Circulation Wallet which is meant for tokens deposit when purchasing a game or an in-game item.

Besides, we have started work on the “Token Circulation: Crypto Risks Mitigation” system which represents a stock of rules aimed at protecting both the platform and its users from the internal/external fraud actions, and high crypto rate volatility on the market.

Well, that’s it for today. The Abyss Team will keep you up to date with the development progress twice per month. The next report is scheduled for February 4, 2019.

Stay tuned! We have much to show you already this year!


The Abyss Team