Platform Development: Update 20

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Hi, all! Please find below a regular development status report, this one covering the period from Jan 21 to Feb 3, 2019. Within this timeframe, we were strongly focused on the User Interface development (moved to testing and stabilization stages), further SDK evolution, working on implementing Fiat Payments System and introducing lots of other improvements.

User Interface

As for the Design, by now, we have completed the development in React/Redux components and then moved to testing and stabilization of:

  • Profile Settings page;
  • Transaction history section;
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Terms of Use Policy modal windows.

Furthermore, we have compiled Technical Specifications for “My Games” page, that will allow users to observe purchased games and also free2play games they have played recently.

We have also improved the Translation System (Pantoon) that will be utilized for localization of a new front-end application. While exploiting this system, we found out the translators’ demand to use the translation history obtained from other systems. The improvements we have introduced allow to:

  • Collect data and to convert it to the required format;
  • Automatically identify the translation language and compare it with the existing languages;
  • Distribute new translations in accordance with their purpose.

These improvements will substantially optimize the translators’ resources and will help to reduce time spent on translation of new games (content, descriptions, etc.) emerging on the platform.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Embedded JS API Description is completed. This week, it will be sent to developers that have signed NDA with The Abyss.

We have successfully resolved all the issues that we have encountered earlier while developing the in-game purchases interface in client games, using DirectX 3D.

The development team have started implementing a Game Status Controller in desktop client, allowing to identify user’s possible actions in the game (purchase, launch, installation, etc.).

Implementing Fiat Payments System (FPS)

Technical Specifications for fiat payments system (the user’s section) is complete.

We’re currently working on Technical Specifications for financial statements that will be made in compliance with IFRS-15 and other Acts regulating the operation of game and crypto companies.

The improved scheme of securing the liquidity process

Email Confirmation Mechanism

We have improved the email confirmation mechanism, considering that it should have a certain practical sense for users. In fact, the email confirmation is not crucial when observing games content & descriptions, while it is highly crucial for building of the referral network. The unconfirmed email may lead to the situation when user starts his referral network with an email account he may never get access to (mistakes in email registration are frequently made). Besides, financial operations that require sending the purchase bill to users are also impossible without email confirmation.

Infrastructure evolution

In the context of this task, we have completed the Developer’s Environment of the entire platform structure. This work was done in Kubernetes.

The entire CI/CD process is fully automatised and is undergoing a series of final testings. Metrics collection in Datadog is also implemented within this Developer’s Environment.

Token Circulation System (TCS)

Finally, we have completed the Technical Specifications draft for “Token Circulation: Crypto Risks Mitigation” system.

Well, that’s it for today. The Abyss Team will keep you up to date with the development progress twice per month. The next report is scheduled for February 18, 2019.

Stay tuned! We have much to show you already this year!


The Abyss Team