Platform Development: Update 21

Hi, all! Please find below a regular development status report, this one covering the period from Feb 4 to Feb 17, 2019. Within this timeframe, we were strongly focused on User Interface development (introducing improvements upon receiving feedback from a focus group), further SDK evolution, working on Fiat Payments System, Infrastructure evolution and other tasks.

User Interface

By this moment, we have completed the development in React/Redux components and moved to testing and stabilization of “My Games” page. Both front-end and back-end parts are ready.

We’re currently working on User Interface localization.

The first version of The Abyss MVP was presented to a focus group consisting of gamers, developers and designers involved in large international projects. We received a positive feedback and a few points to improve our UI/UX before the MVP launch.

We have compiled a list of comments for further consideration and are introducing a number of improvements in terms of design, content, description and usability. For example, upon receiving feedback, we have already changed buttons animation substituting it with a shiny one. Games descriptions should be also revised to provide more details about the game and its highlights.

We have created a Unified Form Engine and standardized all types of forms (elements of user-platform interaction, like login form, profile, switchers, etc.) in web application. All dialog windows on the platform utilize this Engine now. It’s integrated with our design system created to improve the quality and speed of MVP development.

A new password recovery mechanism has been implemented, this one featuring a 2FA request. Because we care about your privacy.

In compliance with European laws, Cookies policy notification was also added.

We have adopted a sprite mechanism for all pages of the platform. Many graphical elements automatically combined in one file, thus helping to speed up the upload of content to browser, at the same not affecting the web page rendering speed in user’s browser.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Following feedback from game developers, we have planned a series of improvements to be added to backlog, and will be implemented on stages that will follow the MVP launch. These include new API methods, like Matchmaking, Cloud Storage, Achievements and Game Statistics.

The work on Embedded JS API continues in accordance with a description completed previously.

Also we have implemented the native authorization procedure in Desktop client. The procedure is helpful in providing examples of work with our SDK to game developers planning integration with The Abyss platform.

Implementing Fiat Payments System (FPS)

All Technical Specifications for fiat payments system and financial statements are complete.

We’re now finalizing a new structure of store (tradable) items, regional currency administrator accounts (meant for setting all types of discounts and other dynamic elements, etc.).

Front-end developers have completed Technical Specifications for payment method selection (including pay-with-token method). At the early stage, the interface for fiat payment method will be provided by Xsolla.

The scheme of domains interaction inside Fiat Payments System

We have started building the Store domain. User domain and License Management System domain are already complete. The existing Billing domain will be revised. The Referral System domain will represent a stand-alone structure. In future, Xsolla’s Seller domain will be substituted with a Universal seller domain allowing to connect & add numerous providers.

Infrastructure evolution

In the recent sprint, we’ve started development in the Kubernetes environment, and are now working on creating a live Kubernetes-environment.

We have conducted a tendering procedure to select a company for performing an information security audit. Penetration tests (pen tests) to be carried out shortly. While getting prepared for pen testing we’ve relocated our Gitlab to a secured cloud environment and have entirely revised our policy regarding an access to company’s IT resources.

The first dashboard containing business metrics has been created in Datadog (shown below). Platform’s currency rate dynamics, the latest obtained currency rates, rate deviations and comparison are now available in one place.

Dashboard with business metrics in Datadog

Well, that’s it for today. The Abyss Team will keep you up to date with the development progress twice per month. The next report is scheduled for March 4, 2019.

Stay tuned! We have much to show you already this year!


The Abyss Team