Platform Development: Update 3

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Greetings to The Abyss community! Today, we are presenting another platform development status report, covering the results of all work done during the past two weeks (from May 28 to June 11), and how these activities contributed to bringing the team closer to the achievement of our key target — the implementation of The Abyss digital distribution platform.

As previously, we asked Stanislav Kuzin, VP of Platform Development, to share the latest info regarding the ongoing Stage 1 of platform development process.

The first diagram shows programming languages that we’re using while building the platform’s back-end. As seen, the main language is Python 3.6 (77,6%), followed by HTML (10,5%) and TypeScript (4,8%). The chart below shows the monthly commits statistics. The team comprising 7 developers has made the total of 246 commits during May 3 — June 4 (the average number of commits per day is 7).

Programming languages diagram and commits statistics

Most of the commits have been made by our senior / lead programmers, Sergey Zakharchenko, System Architect (126), and Albert Tugushev, Head of Software Engineering Department (73).

Commits chart for May 3 — June 4

Each task represents a large scope of work, divided into several subtasks, and is taking 57 programmers at least a week to complete.

Working on the prototype’s backlog
The development team activity chart

Updating the prototype

The Abyss Team has been working hard on the platform prototype’s big update, getting it ready for the release, scheduled for June 12. The renewed prototype will have two major features: the demo game that you will be able to play and the possibility to pay with ABYSS tokens for the in-game purchases. The next picture shows the process of adding tokens to the user’s token balance. The deposited tokens will be visible in the user’s personal account on the prototype.

Adding ABYSS tokens to the user’s balance on the prototype

We have picked an amazing Music Wars as the demo game on the platform. It has over 6 million of registrations and 142 000 of monthly active users. Music Wars is one of the top online browser games on, ranked 14 (as of March 2018) in Alexa’s global Top 500 sites, and 8th most popular website in the world, according to SimilarWeb.

More info will be unveiled tomorrow, together with the updated prototype’s release.

Music Wars, the demo game to play on the prototype

The scope of work for Stage 1

The minimal scope of work to be completed during Stage 1 also includes the following tasks:

  • Registration on the prototype;
  • Confirming registration via email;
  • Transferring DAICO user database to the prototype;
  • Registration on the prototype using the referral link, obtained during DAICO;
  • New and current users authorization on the prototype;
  • Redirecting the newly registered users from The Abyss to the prototype;
  • Adding default avatar to the newly registered account;
  • Adding the possibility to edit the user’s nickname;
  • Adding the possibility to upload new / delete the current user’s avatar;
  • Adding the possibility to create new referral link in the user’s personal account;
  • Implementing the referral program functionality;
  • Developing Music Wars browser and desktop versions;
  • Payouts for the referral transactions;
  • Implementing the mechanism allowing to withdraw tokens from user’s personal account;
  • Connecting Google Analytics Solutions.
Andrey Shulzhenko, Head of Design department, working on the prototype’s front-end

We’re working actively and continuously to perform these tasks and are also planning new ones for Stage 2. The Abyss Team is constantly expanding: more professionals will be hired to enhance the performance and to complete maximum tasks in advance.

21:28 PM, The Abyss development team still at work. Sergey Zakharchenko, System Architect (in the center), sharing new ideas

That’s it for today. The Abyss Team will keep you up to date with the development progress twice per month. The next report is scheduled for June 25, 2018.

And stay tuned! We have much to show to you!


The Abyss Team