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Aug 5 · 3 min read

Please find below a regular development status report, this one covering the period from July 22 to Aug 4, 2019. Within this timeframe, we were strongly focused on implementing the matchmaking feature, introducing improvements to The Abyss SDK, Notification Management System, Desktop Client, and adding more useful features.

Matchmaking feature

We have implemented the first The Abyss-compatible matchmaking feature. The solution was provided by one of the top global matchmaking services.

It is a very powerful and effective networking tool that can handle different game sessions worldwide. It includes matchmaking for Steam and other existing game platforms. More specifically, it allows The Abyss users to connect to active sessions and play the game launched on Steam or any other game platform.

To implement the matchmaking feature The Abyss team has developed a special adapter which allows to use our partner’s SDK. Generals & Rulers will become the first game on our platform to enable matchmaking feature for cross-platform online playing.

More details on this collaboration will be provided in one of the upcoming posts.

The Abyss SDK

The Abyss SDK has become publicly available for game developers. It represents a detailed guide that includes workflow description of web/client games integration, providing useful instructions for implementation of in-game purchases (overlay interface) and other functionality.

Actions flow for in-game purchases

Now each game developer can access and use the SDK to speed up the integration process making it quick, smooth and simple. The Abyss SDK can be found at:

Desktop Client

The mandatory update for Desktop Client (notifying the user about major update release) is complete. It is a system for interaction between the Desktop Client and The Abyss platform based on WebSocket protocol. The system tracks the availability of released update and automatically updates the Desktop Client installed on user’s PC.

Both overlay interface and matchmaking features have been implemented in the latest version of The Abyss Desktop Client.

Notification Management System

We are expanding our Notification Management System functionality. The recent addition includes notifications tracking mechanism which allows for a smart “platform-user” interaction. This mechanism is based on a smart algorithm and is utilized for managing emails (including “trigger” emails used for marketing purposes) that users receive from The Abyss team. It is a powerful instrument for analysing the results and efficiency of email campaigns as well.

Aside from that, we have also developed Technical Specifications for implementing the front-end side of the pop-up (“Toster”) notifications on the platform.

Other developments

Some other developments completed during the recent sprint include:

  • Profile menu divided from the Settings menu;
  • Added support microtransactions for DirectX9, DirectX11 for 32 and 64-bit versions of the platform;
  • Developed a mechanism allowing to launch client games by clicking the “Play” button in the browser (The Abyss desktop client installation required);
  • Developed a mechanism which offers users (who clicked on already completed promo activities) the newest/relevant promo activities;
  • Сhanges to infrastructure addressed all HTML pages generation (now using multi-threaded Node.js render mode);
  • Tap function improved in the mobile version of the platform;
  • Processing exclusions on pages containing user interaction forms has been changed becoming more user-friendly.

Short-term development plans

While we’re working on adding new features to the platform, our short-term development plans also include:

  • Implementation of platform Achievements (including those achievements rewarding users with Abyss Tokens for unlock);
  • Development of The Abyss Release Notes, a dedicated web page containing information about all new features implemented on the platform;
  • The release of The Abyss mobile app which has been refactored and currently undergoes the final testings;
  • Finalizing the integration and releasing playable versions of TechWars: Global Conflict, Generals & Rulers and Grimshade.

Well, that’s it for today. We will keep you up to date with the development process twice per month, as previously. The next report is scheduled for Aug 19, 2019.

Stay tuned!


The Abyss Team

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The Аbyss Team

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