Platform Development: Update 38

The Аbyss Team
Oct 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Please find below our regular development status report, this one covering the period from Sep 30 to Oct 13, 2019. Within this timeframe, we were strongly focused on the License Management System evolution, development of Public profile and adding more useful features.

License Management System (LMS)

Recently, we have completed the main part of back-end development of a new structure of our License Management System. We started the process of data migration and realized that we need to make some changes to our multi-currencies billing system as well. It is currently undergoing the stabilization process. The idea is to transfer the existing data (game purchases) to a brand new structure, which has been upgraded and improved.

Next step is making UI changes that are needed to implement additional functionality for users of our platform. We have completed technical design for a new Game page outlook. With this improvement done, “Game page” will be transformed into “Product page” that would include the game, DLCs, demos and other additional or extended content. The work on this task will start soon after the above-mentioned data migration is complete.

Build Distribution System (BDS)

We have collected and analysed feedback on Build Distribution System provided by our partner developers. Based on this feedback, BDS has been partially refactored. The Build Distribution Tool logic (concerning builds structure) has been partially moved to the server side. This will allow developers to create patches for their builds with less time and efforts spent.

Besides, we’ve also revised a “BDS-Desktop Client” interaction protocol. This functionality is currently being tested and will become a major performance improvement of The Abyss platform.

Social features (Public profile)

We are working to introduce more features to the user profile. The “About me” field is already available in user profile. Now you can write a short description or provide any personal info that will be visible to other users in a public version of the profile.

Example of a filled “About me” section

In addition, we have developed and are now running tests of a User Content Post Moderation system. Since users can publicly post any information on their public profile a special content moderation functionality has been added.

Other developments

Some other developments completed during the recent sprint include:

  • We have completed the development of a Compact Menu, which has already been tested and moved to stabilization stage;
  • We have also introduced the “real-time balance update” feature. Now users can see their Abyss Tokens balance dynamically changing with referral transactions been made;
  • An additional improvement now allows users to maintain their time zone, which significantly increases security and will make communication with other users easier.

Short-term development plans

While we’re working on adding new features to the platform, our short-term development plans also include:

  • The next major Desktop Client update is coming soon. This one will include shortcut icons for web-games feature, UI/UX improvements, bug fixes and many more;
  • Implementing a series of task Adding that will bring us closer to the creation of Public profile;
  • Implementing deep-offers for our CPA management system.

Well, that’s it for today. We will keep you up to date with the development process twice per month, as previously. The next report is scheduled for Oct 28, 2019.

Stay tuned!


The Abyss Team

The Abyss Platform

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The Аbyss Team

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The Abyss Platform

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