Platform Development: Update 4

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Hello, The Abyss community! Time for another development update report.

As previously, we have talked to Stanislav Kuzin, VP of Platform Development to share the current status of The Abyss digital distribution platform development process. The report we have compiled below covers the work done between June 11 and June 24, the period that marked the start of Stage 2 (with Stage 1 ending with the prototype major update).

The tasks that our development team has been working on can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Elaborating the brand new design of the prototype;
  2. Extending the prototype’s functionality by adding new features.
Tasks for Stage 2 period

The new design

The new version of The Abyss prototype will get the new design, that will be modern and really awesome. All pages of the prototype, available at the moment (“Main page”, “Game page” and “My profile” page), are being redesigned to give you an idea of how the alpha version of The Abyss platform will look like. The design of all modal and pop-up windows, including the tokens deposit window, is also being refreshed.

Stanislav Kuzin, VP of Platform Development, revealing the Stage 2 work plan to the team

The new functionality

The following new features are currently being added to the platform prototype:

  • The analytical domain — the internal system for collecting, storing and processing the information about all activities on the platform for their future analysis and optimisation;
  • Signing in with social media account option;
  • Tokens withdrawal function, allowing for transferring ABYSS tokens from user account on prototype to the external wallet;
  • The history of transactions, showing the time, date and amount of deposited and withdrawn tokens, etc.

Current tasks in progress

During the past two weeks, The Abyss development team has started implementing 70% of all tasks mentioned above.

Agile Board showing current sprint stories
The control chart displaying the team’s activity from June 9 to June 22
Cumulative diagram for identifying potential bottlenecks during the ongoing working process

We have already collected analytical data from the prototype’s Main page (Store), and have started to investigate the configuration of “My profile” page elements. As of now, we’ve also finished creating the concept of a Game page new design.

And yet another important part of our current work is fixing the existing, as well as finding out potential bugs and critical errors. The picture below shows the plan for working with incidents to be implemented in JIRA software. It will provide a step-by-step control over each incident case.

The basic incidents workflow to be implemented in JIRA

Well, that’s it for today. The Abyss Team will keep you up to date with the development progress twice per month. The next report is scheduled for July 9, 2018.

And stay tuned! We have much to show to you!


The Abyss Team