Play Astral Heroes on The Abyss!

The Аbyss Team
Jul 27, 2020 · 2 min read

We are very excited to release the first card game on The Abyss platform! Please, welcome Astral Heroes, created by Apus Software team!

Astral Heroes is a Collectible Card Game that’s simple to learn, exciting to play, and deep enough to challenge even the greatest strategists. It’s the spiritual sequel to Astral Masters, which still enjoys a loyal following over ten years after its release!

Astral Heroes uses a truly fair Free-­to-­Play model that never hides the best content behind “pay walls”. There’s nothing in the game that you can’t have for free, and you won’t need to grind for months to build a competitive deck.

Key features:

  • Fast-paced and simple core gameplay;
  • 3 different game modes:
    – Custom Decks: Construct and play a deck of your own personal design;
    – Random Decks: Improvise a strategy on the fly with a deck of random cards;
    – Draft Tournament: Draft the cards you need before your opponents snatch them!;
  • A deep library of well balanced creatures and spells;
  • No «junk» — every card in the game can be powerful in the right hands;
  • A global Online League — match wits with players from all around the world;
  • Guilds — team up with other players to earn extra bonuses and access special cards;
  • Sophisticated and merciless AI opponents that will test your mettle;
  • A rich single player campaign, available for free to every player.

Download Astral Heroes now and start your way on becoming the champion! Be sure to subscribe to our news channels to be aware of other games and updates coming out on the platform!

The Abyss Team

About The Abyss
The Abyss is the first platform where gamers can play games, socialize and get rewarded. We offer MMO/MMORPG games and share a part of our revenue with gamers. Come to The Abyss and earn from an advanced referral system, gaming achievements and other activities! For more information on the platform visit official website.

About Apus Software
Apus Software is a small passionate indie team of developers making games they personally want to play and enjoy. Sharing their passion with players all over the world, the team has several successful projects behind their back and isn’t going to stop there, constantly evolving and growing in their ways of delivering memorable gaming experience. For more information on the studio visit official Apus Software website.

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