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The Аbyss Team
Sep 10, 2020 · 3 min read

We are pleased to announce the release of BOSSGARD, created by Sand Sailor Studio.

BOSSGARD is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that pits one big, player-controlled BOSS against a warband of brave Vikings. The Ultimate Ridiculous titan known as THE BOSS is in the top right corner of the arena, while in the bottom left corner there are viking rivals. Who has the strength to crush his opponent, who is the fastest? Who is the most experienced warrior in this fight?

WHO’S THE BOSS? Well, it’s finally you! So grab your friends and get ready for the craziest fights in our fast-paced asymmetrical multiplayer game. The meanest? The baddest? The silliest? Choose from a variety of unique bosses that are yours to command! Strike fear in your enemies as a mighty fortress or keep them on edge as an angry slice of bread, it all depends on how bossy you feel today!

Or perhaps you’re more of a team player and slaying giants is your business. Say no more, we have you covered. Join a party of Vikings and take on the nastiest titans you’ve ever seen. Just make sure you help your buddies, healing, protecting, buffing them, releasing minions and laying down turrets when necessary!

The game’s key features:

  • A multiplayer 5-versus-1 top down fight game;
  • A variety of unique bosses at player’s command, from a mighty fortress to an angry slice of bread;
  • A band of viking contestants comprising 5 teammates that fight THE BOSS together;
  • Axes, hammers, bows and even bare knuckles that help to drop the pain on THE BOSS.

Jump in BOSSGARD on The Abyss and show everybody how to fight! Follow us on social media to learn about our news firsthand!

The Abyss Team

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About Sand Sailor Studios
Sand Sailor Studio is a Bucharest-based independent game development company founded in 2014. The company’s adventure began with Black The Fall, an atmospheric puzzler which gracefully made it from a successful Kickstarter campaign, through a gaming accelerator and onto a solid collaboration with Square Enix. Now, as a fizzy team of eight, the team are determined to create new, daring projects.