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Play EBOLA 2 on The Abyss!

The number of games on The Abyss gaming platform is growing so it’s time for a new announcement of an exciting game that will hit your nerves just a little bit if you missed the thrill! Today we are releasing EBOLA 2 which is created in the spirit of the great classics of survival horrors. In this game, you will control the main character with a first-person camera which makes you feel like you’re in a real horror movie.

About the game

On the streets of Branden City, a nightmare is happening. The Ebola virus spread from a secret scientific and technical base, in which the Panicum corporation is involved. The death of all mankind is at stake.Your goal is to travel to an underground science station with a special team and find patient zero to figure out how to stop the spread of the infection. Everything will depend on you! This dangerous journey will have two ends.

Main features:

Large game map

  • 10 floors, “Krot-529” scientific underground station,
  • Each floor has a unique interior.


  • It is possible to interact with many objects,
  • Non-linearity.


  • Various enemies to confront, explore dark rooms — all this will stand in the way to the salvation of the character,
  • Unique epic bosses,
  • A large number of weapons.

Unknown danger, undiscovered world

  • The game will give you an unrivaled surge of adrenaline, an exciting storyline and unimaginable horrors. The world around the player will change; danger lurks at every turn.

The revival of the genre

  • Two endings of the game,
  • A well-designed environment and properly selected lighting create an atmosphere of horror, high-quality audio sounds — all this creates a unique world of the game, which keeps you at the peak of tension from the beginning till the end.

It is recommended to play with headphones for complete immersion.

Investigate the mysterious case and save the world right now! And don’t forget to follow our news channels!

The Abyss Team

About The Abyss
The Abyss is the first platform where gamers can play games, socialize and get rewarded. We offer MMO/MMORPG games and share a part of our revenue with gamers. Come to The Abyss and earn from an advanced referral system, gaming achievements and other activities! For more information on the platform visit official website.

About Indie Games Studio
Indie Games Studio — an East European studio that specializes in the horror genre games for PC. For a team of passionate enthusiasts, the main motto is the quality and availability of their games. The company’s portfolio includes two dozen projects and with each of them the team grows in the quality of execution.




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