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Feb 28 · 2 min read
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Earlier announced astonishing project of the popular MOBA-genre developed by Digital Universe studio — ExoTanks MOBA is now available on The Abyss as one of the first games following our UE4 program for partner developers! ExoTanks is a fast-paced MOBA shooter based on futuristic tank battles.

About the game

Mars, 2090. Humanity’s life is changing after a new mineral named Ares was discovered in Martian rocks. This substance turns out to be an extremely efficient fuel and foreshadows the energy revolution for the entire human civilization. Tensions among colonies are growing and soon escalate into an open armed conflict. The war for power over the red planet has begun! The most fierce tank battles are ahead.

Key features:

  • Battle tanks of the future. Choose yours. Each of the tanks has 4 abilities, including one ultimate ability, specially designed to crush all enemies in the battle.
  • Three classes. Try them all. Your team’s success depends on the cooperation of the three tank classes: the Defender, Assault, and Engineer class.
  • Weaponry. Upgrade in a fight. Choose and install various equipment during the battle to pump your abilities. Different abilities are used against each other in different ways.
  • Skins. Each tank has an exclusive appearance. Сreate yours with camouflage and stickers of different rarity!

ExoTanks MOBA is a unique combination of tank shooter and MOBA game. The spirit of rivalry, cooperating with brothers in arms, and epic tank battles on the vast areas of Mars in the Sci-Fi world — that’s what makes a real dynamic MOBA shooter.

It’s time to bring real Armageddon to the battlefield of the future! Choose a tank suitable for you and go full throttle!

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