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Play I am Not a Monster on The Abyss!

The Abyss welcomes “I am not a monster: First Contact” — a thrilling sci-fi story published by Alawar Entertainment. This is a turn-based tactical game made in the style of retrofuturism, which will delight you with uncomplicated gameplay, interesting plot and stunning visual style.

American science fiction of the late 50s sent a person straight to distant stars. Dressed in futuristic costumes, energetic and filled with the romance of the unknown, people storm the spaceports and pay any money, just to be among the lucky ones who got on board the rocket. But not everything is so simple, such beautiful stars have their owners, more cruel and cunning than idle people.

The tourist spaceship “Albatross” has been taken over by unknown alien lizards. But no monster can escape the unwavering hand of Captain Laser! Can you expose the creepy aliens and prevent the spaceship from crashing?

Game Features

This unusual turn-based strategy game combines elements of Mafia and XCOM-style adventure — a group of space travelers are attacked by fearsome alien monsters capable of taking on human form.

I’m not a Monster is recommended for all fans of brainstorming, because it concentrates unpredictable role-playing gameplay and an element of turn-based tactics, in which one ill-considered action will have far-reaching consequences.

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About Alawar Entertainment
Alawar is engaged in the development, distribution and publishing of video games for PC, mobile platforms, games consoles and other devices. The company’s main areas of activity are midcore games for experienced players, as well as casual downloadable and f2p games for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, social networks and other platforms. The company’s games have sold over 200 million copies in more than 100 countries.



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