Recent Changes

Hi all! Summed up and rolling out the list of The Abyss project recent changes for your consideration:

  • We decided to conduct a full-fledged Pre-Sale, starting on December 18, 2017 (15:00 UTC), and closing a minute before the stroke of midnight, December 31 (23:59 UTC);
  • The main Sale is now delayed to January 9, 2018 (15:00 UTC), ending on February 15, 2018 (23:59 UTC), right before the Chinese New Year;
  • As an excuse for all the delays, all previously whitelisted participants will enjoy a lifetime increased income (+50%) from payments made by their first level referrals, despite the amount of their Token Sale contribution;
  • Due to the rise of Ethereum value, we are decreasing the Soft Cap from 10,000 to 5,000 ETH, and introducing Pre-Sale Cap — 10,000 ETH;
  • By popular demand, we are also introducing the Hard Cap, which is 100,000 ETH;
  • Instead of 5 ETH, the minimum contribution during Pre-Sale is now 1 ETH;
  • The volume of tokens to be distributed during crowdsale now increased from 50% to 60%. The Reserve decreased from 28% to 18%. Reserve allocation of ABYSS tokens will be frozen for the period of at least 6 months. It is intended to provide motivational rewards to players to accelerate the ecosystem growth at the early stage of platform operation;
  • Funds raised during Pre-Sale and main Sale will be distributed as follows: Operational 35% (increased), Marketing 30% (decreased), Development 25% (increased), Reserve 5% (decreased), Legal 5% (unchanged);
  • Such use of proceeds is calculated for the contributed Soft Cap (5,000 ETH), which is intended for the platform development. The remaining funds raised will be distributed to global marketing campaign and bringing in more game developers with their exclusive game projects. The Reserve is meant for the unforseen expenses;
  • After token distribution is complete, the Soft Cap (5,000 ETH) will be converted in USD. The remaining funds will be stored on hardware wallets secured by multisignature and converted in USD when needed;
  • Project structure has changed (see the picture below):

1) Only motivational programs are now financed from Reward Bank, formed by remainder of the budget from broken referral chains and Reserve.

2) No annual token emission now! To secure the systematic decrease of token supply, we decided to burn 1/3 of ABYSS tokens from the platform’s commission from the internal CPA Network and auction transactions through the Smart Contract.



  • Multilevel referral program will be already operational during Token Sale, providing you 4% of the amount of tokens purchased by your first level referrals. Second and third levels rewards are 2%, fourth and fifth referral levels provide for 1% reward. Each referral is rewarded with 3% bonus for his first contribution;
  • Plans are to connect a crowdfunding platform in 2020.


The Abyss Team