Recent Updates and a New Video

Dear friends! On the way to the upcoming Token Sale (DAICO) we can’t help thinking of possible improvements for the contributors and changes that will both protect our project from all sorts of violations during the sale process, and smooth the consequences of the current market instability.

Here’s a pack of recent updates you should know about:

  1. Token Sale (DAICO) will start on March 7, 2018 (9:00 UTC), closing on April 7, 2018 (9:00, UTC). Please, pay special attention to the start-end time changes;
  2. The price of ABYSS token is now pegged to USD: 1 ABYSS = 0.24 USD. We still accept ETH and BNB, and will set a course for them in a few days before the start of Token Sale, depending on the market rates. The reason that forced us to shift to USD is a high volatility on the crypto markets. We do not want to change the Hard Cap every time the ETH price fluctuates;
  3. The Token Sale (DAICO) Soft Cap is 6M USD;
  4. The International Hard Cap is now 40M USD + 300K BNB;
  5. The U.S. Hard Cap is 20M USD;
  6. Note, that all U.S. persons can register and participate in the referral program to receive free bonus tokens from contributions made by their referrals. However, only accredited U.S. investors may contribute (sale is carried out under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933). Transfer of tokens sold under Regulation D will be restricted for a 1 year period;
  7. In solidarity with the U.S. investors, the ABYSS tokens assigned for the Company will now be frozen by the DAICO Smart Contract for a period of 1 year;
  8. The bonus program has been revised. Don’t miss the chance to get +25% ABYSS tokens by contributing in the first 48 hours after the start of Token Sale (DAICO). We extended the maximum bonus timeline so that more participants could enjoy it, even if Ethereum network will be overloaded. In the subsequent days bonuses will be ranged as follows: +15% (Days 3–7), +10% (Days 8–14); +5% (Days 15–21);
  9. We have updated the F.A.Q. page on The Abyss’ official website by adding important info, including: The Abyss GmbH registration address, detailed instructions on how to buy ABYSS tokens with ETH/BNB, etc.;
  10. Regarding the tokens distribution. You will receive your purchased tokens immediately, after transaction is complete. Considering numerous attempts to violate the referral program rules, we will need more time to verify each participant. Therefore, the referral program bonus tokens will be accrued within 30 days after the Token Sale (DAICO) is closed. The strict KYC / AML verification may be required in case the signs of rules violation are shown.

And one more thing…

As you know, The Abyss is aimed at changing the video game industry for the better. This is our mission and a part of our strategy. By introducing the referral system, together with motivational programs, we make the gamers’ main dream come true — to play and to earn from their hobby. We have released the new video, that provides a brief explanation of how millions of gamers globally can benefit from being both active and creative on The Abyss platform.

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