Red Alert! Fighting Off The Scam Attack!

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Friends, scammers are already here, showing a strikingly high level of insolence and creativity.

Yesterday a few of you exceptionally received an email announcing the start of The Abyss Token Sale, and a link to the fake website that looks similar (honestly a lot of differences) to ours with a fake ETH address.

This is an example of how the scammers work! Do not trust it and don’t let the scammers cheat on you.

We’ve prepared a short instruction that will help you to save your funds from scam:

1. Domain scam

Pay maximum attention to the website you’re visiting. For example scammers can change even one letter.
Real address: with a green address bar, which stands for the SSL EV Certificate. 
Fake address: www.thė (Do you see the difference? E with dot)

⚠️ We recommend adding to your browser bookmarks and visit it from bookmarks only.

2. Email scam

If you receive a letter or a message announcing the start of token sale or whatever else on behalf of The Abyss, check the address it was sent from. We use only one domain for all mailings, which scammers can copy to send you a fake email.

⚠️ Don’t click any links in emails and use bookmarks to visit our site after reading. Always check point 1 after clicking any links in emails.
Typical SCAM email

3. Pre-Sale, Private-Sale scam

We don’t have any Pre-Sales and Private Sales. Don’t believe anybody who offers you special private sale discounts or offers. Token Sale will be started for all participants at the same date, no exclusions.

4. ETH address scam

The Abyss will never send you the ETH address and ask to contribute via social media, messengers or e-mail. The official announcement will be made on our website and via email ( And the one and only place where ETH address for sending contributions will be available is your personal account at

5. No contribution before Whitelist, KYC

The participation in our Token Sale will be possible only after you have applied for and passed the KYC / AML procedure. This is a mandatory condition for all participants and we’re not gonna change it.

6. Grammar & Spelling mistakes

Pay attention to the text in scammers emails, sites, social media accounts and messages. Scammers make numerous mistakes, both grammar and spelling, and are always wrong when writing our project’s name.

7. Telegram scam

Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t provide protection from sсammers outside the channels that keep on sending messages to those who are inside. Scammers are always hiding behind the stolen avatars and use false nicknames. They can copy our admins’ nicknames entirely (because they may be not unique). All our Telegram channel admins have exclusive nicknames saying (Never PM u 1st). This means that admins never send personal message to you first. And they never do…NEVER!

⚠️ Don’t forget to press “Report Spam” button if anybody sends you a personal message about our Token Sale first.

Please, follow these recommendations, and be extremely attentive. The less time is left before The Abyss Token Sale (DAICO), the higher is the scammers’ activity.


The Abyss Team

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