Revealing Pre-Alpha Version of The Abyss

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Ladies and gentlemen! Time has come for a big release. Please welcome — the Pre-Alpha version ( of The Abyss digital distribution platform! Both client and browser versions are available at the official website.

Let’s have a look what this pre-alpha version features.

First, the brand new and bright design. All pages of The Abyss platform completely re-designed to deliver the best and the most user-friendly experience, combined with more comfortable navigation. Your current ABYSS tokens balance is now available on all pages.

Second, the improved engine and internal analytical domain. We have developed the new web-site engine to enable even faster and smoother performance. The analytical domain provides the ability of statistical info tracking. The new technological basis will allow for more frequent updates and expansion of the platform’s functionality.

Other features page by page are listed below.

Main Page:

  • Lists of video games
  • Access to game description pages by click
  • Registration & authorization options
  • General navigation elements
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service added

Game Page:

  • Registration & authorization options
  • Full game description
  • Play” button to start Music Wars game
  • In-game purchase options in Music Wars game
  • Gallery of screenshots and video trailers
  • Similar games (single-click access to other games you may like)

Profile Page:

  • Nickname editing option
  • Avatar editing option
  • Your referrals info (current number)
  • Referral block” comprising referral link
  • ABYSS tokens deposit option

The team has invested a lot of sleepless nights and nightmarish days to deliver this major release for The Abyss. It is something we are definitely very proud of.

Click on the link, play and enjoy it!


The Abyss Team