Smart Contract Audit Report

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Great news! The Abyss DAICO Smart Contract has no security vulnerabilities, as concluded by New Alchemy — the world-famed auditor that provides technology, token game theory, advisory and security audit to the most innovative companies globally.

The story goes this way. In January 2018, we hired New Alchemy to audit our smart contract after we got it compliant with the newly adopted DAICO model. It was the second time The Abyss engaged the auditor to review and report the Smart Contract we have created to support the platform. As previously, the engagement was technical in nature and focused on identifying security flaws in code or the design of the contracts.

A huge work has been carried out, and the general conclusion now states:

“The audit did not discover any issues of critical severity.”

Several minor issues that have been identified, were fixed respectively following the auditor’s recommendations. Comments on design decisions and code quality made by New Alchemy during the review

“…are not known to represent security flaws”.

By this done, The Abyss now has two independent audits of the DAICO Smart Contract.

Read the full Smart Contract report by New Alchemy at:

Also check the independent Smart Contract audit by Oceanico at:


The Abyss Team

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