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2 min readMar 28, 2018


Friends, we need all your attention! UNICEF office in France has launched a new fund-raising charity project in an effort to raise money for the children in Syria. The project is called Game Chaingers, and it is asking gamers, eSports fans and other enthusiasts with powerful graphics cards to mine & send Ethereum to help children in misery. If unable to use PC for mining, then a direct ETH donation to UNICEF’s wallet can be made.

Unfortunately, because mining is time consuming, after 7 weeks of operation, only 83.63 ETH has been raised from 11006 contributors as of now. However, there are yet another 3 days to donate.

We would like to help the project and encourage our community members and contributors also to support this high-hearted initiative by reserving a guaranteed amount of ETH you wish to contribute during the Token Sale (DAICO).

To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your dashboard at The Abyss;
  2. Activate our Telegram Bot and complete whitelisting;
  3. Type /reserve X ETH (where X is the amount of ETH you want to contribute during the Token Sale);
  4. Donate any amount of ETH to UNICEF’s address (reservation will be available only if you donate 1% above the reserved amount or more).

Example: You reserve 10 ETH as planned contribution during the Token Sale (DAICO). Donate 1% above 10 ETH (=0.1 ETH) to UNICEF.

Note: For security reasons, please copy the wallet address from Game Chainger’s official website only:

We do believe that the increasing use of cryptocurrency can contribute to a good cause. Regardless of whether you wish to reserve your contribution or not, you can still do an honorable thing and donate to UNICEF. Even a small donation will help to change someone’s life for better.


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