Taking Actions To Prevent Cyber Risks: Partnership With Group-IB

In a permanently changing crypto world cybersecurity should be a top priority. The level of cybercrime on the Ethereum platform only has increased signifficantly, together with Token Sale financing, with total cybercrime revenue exceeding $225 million by the end of 2017. One of the major cybercrime incidents occurred to “The DAO” in 2016, resulting in heavy financial losses ($74 million, nearly a half of contributed funds). Last year, another $30 million was stolen from the Parity wallet. According to industry’s estimates, there have been approximately 30 000 victims of exploits, hacks, phishing and ponzi schemes, losing on average $7500 each.

To avoid becoming a part of this terrific statistics, we have taken actions to minimize cyber risks, while ensuring own cybersecurity, and signed a partnership agreement with Group-IB, an international company specializing in preventing cyber attacks and the development of information security products.

“Cyber attacks are one of the main threats that companies’ and ICO projects’ websites are exposed to nowadays. The number and scale of the attacks on crypto industry projects are increasing from month to month — phishing sites are created at daily basis and scammers are active as nobody. The losses resulting from these attacks may reach tens of millions of dollars. Since our project has a crowdsale mechanism in its heart, securing the comprehensive and complex protection from cyber attacks is of high priority to us. The contributors’ money is not the thing that we can afford to expose to risk. We’re working in the crypto industry, where decision speed is several times higher than in any other business, and we are implementing a project with unique architecture (DAICO), and our goal is to minimize any possible risks. Therefore, the security of our IT infrastructure is supported by Group-IB solutions that allow to identify and neutralize the threat at an early stage”. — said Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, the founder of The Abyss.

To protect our DAICO, the Group-IB specialists will be constantly (24/7) monitoring more than 3 000 000 resources, including databases of phishing sites, domain names, online shops, aggregators and bulletin boards, social networks, mobile application stores, contextual advertising, etc. And a special attention will be paid to the crypto industry’s popular messengers, such as Telegram and Slack.

“We are proud that Destiny.Games has chosen us to protect the world’s first DAICO project,” — comments Ruslan Yusufov, director of private banking at Group-IB. — The team made a number of steps to protect its contributors — community members, as well as public relations with investors, and minimize the risks of fraud during DAICO, such as phishing, domain substitution, illegal use of the project’s brand for criminal purposes, and attacks on the project’s co-owners and community members. The Abyss is an example of a responsible approach to conducting the Token Sale, which many crypto projects are still lacking”.

The involvement of Group-IB experts (who have a significant experience of working with crypto projects that are moving towards their Token Sales), is an additional measure of security of The Abyss brand.

Read the full story to learn more about the latest technologies, that will help to ensure the cybersecurity of the world’s first DAICO.


The Abyss