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3 min readJun 27, 2019


We are happy to announce that TechWars: Global Conflict, developed by Argus Games studio, will emerge on The Abyss platform in Q3 2019! Coming from different gamedev companies, the development team has successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign and created a product with unique gameplay for the market.

TechWars: Global Conflict is the world’s first isometric mech PVP-shooter with modular robots damage. Apart from the simple reaction speed, to win in every battle, players will need an impeccable sense of tactics and ability to skillfully use weapons, robots, and landscape features. The game was inspired by the all-time classics like Mechcommander, Battletech, Jungle Strike, Hawken and modern team shooters.

Key features:

  • Over 14 advanced mechs with unique characteristics. Each iron giant uses a unique technological skill;
  • The battlefield for up to 20 war machines fighting simultaneously;
  • The detailed and complex destructibility of mechs and objects; realistic mech damages;
  • The advanced class system consisting of 5 individual classes: scouts, stormtroopers, destroyers, supports and titans;
  • Over 100 upgradable weapons and items;
  • Maps designed with the idea of using shelters and terrain to player’s advantage.
  • The advanced social in-game environment: unite in clans or find deadly enemies outside the battlefield.

The destruction physics of TechWars: Global Conflict was a special focus of developers. Almost all objects on the map can be destroyed. Partial destruction of objects can be used tactically to create temporary shelters and enemy safe shooting zones. However, the main goal is to destroy all the enemies in sight.

The exclusive The Abyss skins

Each player on The Abyss will receive an exclusive skin for chosen fraction. Jupiter’s reinforced armor is able to withstand a large number of hits, and its powerful weapons destroy whole troops of the enemies. Tetra is the largest mech that makes the most damage on the battlefield, uses invisibility technology for effective ambushes and traps.

Check out the system requirements and add TechWars: Global Conflict to your wishlist on The Abyss platform! Your war robot is almost there!

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About Argus Games
Founded in 2015, Argus Games is an independent game studio uniting under its wing talented and enthusiastic developers, writers and artists, who love games and enjoy creating them. The studio is aimed at releasing a unique and quality game which will change the gamers’ perception of isometric shooters. TechWars: Global Conflict is the team’s second title.



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