The Abyss Announces the First AAA-Game on the Platform

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Hi all! Excited to announce that The Abyss will welcome the highly anticipated Atomic Heart action RPG on the platform, providing tools for its distribution. The respective agreement was signed with MundFish studio, a triple-A games developer.

Atomic Heart is an adventure RPG with elements of FPS set in the post-apocalypse location. The digital world consists of several regions inhabited by exotic mechanical creatures designed to serve the needs of people, however, for some reason turned into combat-ready killing machines attacking the humans.

This recently announced AAA-game has gained a large popularity and already conquered the gamers’ hearts around the globe, becoming one of the most anticipated new games in its genre.

“I’m thrilled to announce the first game on The Abyss. We’re glad that promising developers, like MundFish studio, see all the advantages that our platform provides in terms of digital distribution and marketing of video games. MundFish is developing an excellent game that combines an outstanding graphics, unique atmosphere and the most advanced game technologies.”

Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, Founder of The Abyss.

Atomic Heart uses a renowned Unreal Engine 4 game engine (developed by Epic Games) that supports the most recent Nvidia’s ray-tracing technology — a rendering technique capable of generating an image of a high degree of visual realism.

“The games distribution market is developing rapidly, and more new platforms are emerging, delivering additional opportunities for successful game launches. We’re pleased to collaborate with The Abyss, a rising project that offers a series of advantageous and unique features. The Abyss will become a helpful instrument for Atomic Heart distribution. We’re sure that the game will be a complete success on the platform, meeting the gamers’ demands.”

Robert Bagratuni, Co-founder of MundFish studio.

In 2019, Atomic Heart will be released on multiple platforms including Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Pre-orders in ABYSS tokens are already available on the game’s dedicated landing page at The Abyss Pre-orders in traditional currencies will be added soon.


The Abyss Team

About The Abyss
The Abyss is a digital distribution game platform and a one space place for the best MMOs, offering a comprehensive infrastructure for all MMO/MMORPG lovers. The Abyss provides beneficial terms and conditions for gamers and developers by delivering multiple earning opportunities available through blockchain-powered services. For more information on the platform visit official website.

About MundFish
In June 2018, MundFish along with 37 other teams and creators, has become one of the recipients of Epic Games’ latest round of Unreal Dev Grants receiving a total of $1 million in no-strings-attached funding for games, tools, broadcast and beyond. The beta version of the award-winning Atomic Heart game, developed by MundFish, will be released in Q4 2019.