The Abyss Confirms Listing on HitBTC

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The Аbyss Team
May 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Today, we are proud to tell you that The Abyss will be listed on HitBTC exchange on June 7, 2018. It means that ABYSS tokens will be available for purchase within a week already.

HitBTC is currently ranked the #7 exchange in terms of 24 Hour Volume Rankings by CoinMarketCap. It is one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, operating since 2013 and providing markets for more than 300 cryptocurrencies in total. The platform claims its core matching engine to be among the best technological products in its class. Other features offered by HitBTC include the rebate system, no limits for deposit or withdrawal of digital assets, wide range of available instruments (more than 500), an advanced API (REST API and FIX API), etc.

As part of The Abyss-HitBTC joint promotional campaign, during the first two weeks all those interested in buying/selling ABYSS tokens will be able to do it with no trading fees charged. ABYSS tokens will have two trading pairs and can be exchanged for and/or to BTC or ETH.

Trading process will start on June 7, 2018 (Eastern Pacific Time). From this date, you can deposit and withdraw ABYSS tokens to/from the HitBTC exchange.

A wiseman once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one exchange.” Getting listed on HitBTC marks an important milestone in making ABYSS accessible to a vast crypto community and contributing to its liquidity increase. The first step is made, and there is yet another thousand miles ahead.

The tokens unlock time/date will be announced shortly. Stay tuned to our social media accounts and Telegram news channel and you’ll never miss our updates.


The Abyss Team

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