The Abyss Cooperates with Xangle

The Аbyss Team
Sep 23 · 3 min read

The Abyss is glad to announce it’s cooperating with Xangle, a highly credited disclosure blockchain platform, to enhance the transparency of crypto market. We remain committed to the principles of the DAICO and are striving to provide our users and all crypto-enthusiasts with the most accurate and transparent information about The Abyss.

Xangle is building a comprehensive and accurate data platform by gathering crypto projects, exchanges, and corporates in one place, which makes it one of the most reliable data sources in crypto space. Moreover, we are also happy to announce that The Abyss disclosure level was rated as A+ in compliance with Xangle’s standard of data disclosure.

In the modern era of various social networks and forums it is quite difficult for Internet users to collect information about anything without risk of reading thousands of flood or FUD messages. The reliable information became scattered across the internet and the team from CrossAngle, whose goal is to make blockchain understandable and accessible for everyone, developed a Xangle platform to tackle all these problems.

The Xangle’s standard for data disclosure is based on the framework of the traditional financial market’s public disclosure platforms such as ESMA (European Union), EDGAR (US), and international credit rating corporates (S&P Global Ratings, Moody’s, Fitch), which have been reinterpreted to meet the needs of the crypto market.

Xangle provides reliable and comprehensive information including both token data and corporate information, to enable the intrinsic valuation of projects. It brings many projects, exchanges and investors together in one place, enabling effective information discovery.

All information about The Abyss is already available on Xangle and confirmed by The Abyss team. There you can look through disclosure information and get constant updates of disclosures as well. Disclosure contains important announcements of The Abyss, Abyss Token transaction volume, etc.

We hope that with this disclosure you will get answers to all questions, if you still had any. And stay tuned to our official news channels, more news will follow!


The Abyss

About The Abyss
The Abyss is a digital distribution platform for online video games with a unique revenue sharing system. Based on Ethereum network, The Abyss offers browser, client and blockchain games and provides game studios with additional customer benefits, from community features to marketing tools. Part of the income generated by sales of games & services is distributed between users in the form of rewards for various activities available on the platform. For more information on the platform visit official website.

About Xangle
Xangle is a Seoul-based public information disclosure platform that aims to bring legitimacy to the global crypto asset market. Although it serves as a raw data platform for the general public, it also provides due diligence for exchanges and institutional-grade reports for the traditional corporates based on its comprehensive information framework.

The Abyss Platform

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The Аbyss Team

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The Abyss Platform

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