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The Abyss for macOS

The Abyss gaming platform team is excited to announce that the first version of the Desktop Client for macOS is now available for download! In this version of the Desktop Client The Abyss users on macOS can enjoy their favorite web-games, including Flash games.

After the Flash technology was disabled in all popular browsers and operating systems, we understood that there will be a need for macOS users to replace the usual ways of playing web games and prepared a solution for them as soon as possible! As we already mentioned, this is just the first version of the macOS client, so currently it supports only web games including ones that use Flash. However, we don’t plan to stop there and in the future updates we are going to add a client games support! One of the steps for that is to update our developers tool to make it suitable both for Windows and macOS builds integration.

If you want to continue playing a popular Flash game on macOS, but it is absent on the platform, feel free to contact the game developers and ask them to integrate their game on The Abyss! We are always open for cooperation!

Meanwhile, download macOS client, enjoy web-games on the platform and subscribe to our news channels to be one of the first who reads about our updates!

The Abyss Team

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