The Abyss KYC/AML Procedure Started

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The Аbyss Team
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Friends, today we have launched the KYC/AML procedure! You can now log in to your dashboard at The Abyss and apply for it.

No need for a rush. All contributors will be given enough time to complete KYC/AML.

Your current KYC/AML status will be visible on your dashboard (right-angled colored sign).

You can use a step-by-step instruction on how to apply and pass the verification process:

Tiếng Việt

Translations to other languages will follow soon.

Please note:

If you’re not going to purchase tokens and will participate in the Token Sale (DAICO) referral and bounty programs only, then there’s no need for you to apply for KYC/AML. Though in exceptional cases, we may ask you to run the process.

We’ve been hard at work to bring you the best KYC/AML experience!

Thanks for your patience and support!

The Abyss Team



The Аbyss Team
The Abyss Platform

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