The Abyss Meets South Korea: a Business Trip Report

Blockchain Partners Summit

Busy days in Seoul started with attending the FoundationX Night that preceded Blockchain Partners Summit (BPS), the week’s main event.

The FoundationX Night
Blockchain Partners Summit, Day 1
With Tony Simonovsky, The Abyss Token Sale Advisor
With Eyal Hertzog, Co-Founder of Bancor

Meeting with Bluehole Inc.

In the next few days after the conference, Mr. Kurochkin has visited Bluehole Inc., a worldwide famous South Korean video game developer.

In BlueHole Inc. Office

Visiting PUBG Corporation office

Concluding his business mission to South Korea, Vladimir Kurochkin has also visited the office of PUBG Corporation (subsidiary of Bluehole Inc.) in Seoul. Standing next to the President of The Abyss is Hyunil (Sean) Sohn, CFO for PUBG Corporation.

With Hyunil (Sean) Sohn, CFO for PUBG Corporation

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