The Abyss Meets South Korea: a Business Trip Report

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Last week, Vladimir Kurochkin, President of The Abyss, visited South Korea to attend some of the events within the context of Korea Blockchain Week (July 16–20), more specifically, The FoundationX Night and Blockchain Partners Summit.

With more than $600 million worth of cryptocurrency traded every day, the South Korean market is the fifth-most active in the world. No wonder it has become the center of attraction for crypto enthusiasts and blockchain experts.

However, Vladimir’s business trip programme was not limited to these activities, and also included a series of meet-ups with South Korean video game companies. From start to an end, it was an amazing week filled with new (and old as well) friends and enjoyable working experience.

Blockchain Partners Summit

Busy days in Seoul started with attending the FoundationX Night that preceded Blockchain Partners Summit (BPS), the week’s main event.

The FoundationX Night

The BPS was held on July 21–22, aiming to analyze and share trends and information about blockchain tech and to seek possible solutions for barriers and tasks that blockchain markets are facing today.

This year, BPS featured 50+ speakers from top blockchain start-ups, venture capitals, tech-giants and research institutions across the globe to share their experience, insights and advice for crypto-enthusiasts.

Blockchain Partners Summit, Day 1

During two business days Mr. Kurochkin has had a series of face-to face meetings with summit’s attendees to discuss current and potential joint business opportunities. He also shared the information about The Abyss, our plans, experience and recent developments.

With Tony Simonovsky, The Abyss Token Sale Advisor
With Eyal Hertzog, Co-Founder of Bancor

Meeting with Bluehole Inc.

In the next few days after the conference, Mr. Kurochkin has visited Bluehole Inc., a worldwide famous South Korean video game developer.

Our President had a meeting with Bluehole Inc. officials, discussing the operation of TERA (popular worldwide MMORPG developed by the Studio), current progress of The Abyss digital distribution platform development and video game industry trends.

The meeting took place at Bluehole Headquarters in Seoul and was attended by Jeong Hwang (TERA biz 2Team Leader) and Changwoo Kim (PC Game Business Manager).

In BlueHole Inc. Office

Mr. Kurochkin presented the benefits that The Abyss offers to developers, its key features and highlights differentiating our platform from other market players. Special attention was given to discussion of The Abyss market launch strategy.

Visiting PUBG Corporation office

Concluding his business mission to South Korea, Vladimir Kurochkin has also visited the office of PUBG Corporation (subsidiary of Bluehole Inc.) in Seoul. Standing next to the President of The Abyss is Hyunil (Sean) Sohn, CFO for PUBG Corporation.

With Hyunil (Sean) Sohn, CFO for PUBG Corporation

Today, the significance of the Korean market for crypto and video game industries can not be underestimated. We were glad to attend Blockchain Partners Summit to deliver The Abyss current progress and future plans, and had an incredible time meeting friends and partners.

It was indeed an important and very busy week for our project. Let’s see what this business trip will bring to The Abyss and its supporters.

또 뵙겠습니다!


The Abyss Team

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