The Abyss: One Stop Place for MMO Games

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The Abyss, a new digital distribution game platform, is proud to present its focus on and dedication to MMO games — being a One Stop Place for MMO Games. The platform that meets demands of the global gaming community and offers the well-advanced and convenient gaming ecosystem will be introduced in Q1 2019.

The positive market

The Abyss is emerging on the booming market. The global video game industry is rapidly increasing due to technological expansion and engagement growth. Global Games Market Report by NewZoo claims that industry could be worth nearly $138 billion by the end of 2018, increasing up to $180 billion by the end of 2021.

One of the biggest contribution to video game industry growth comes from MMOs (massively multiplayer online games), primarily regarding free-to-play games. MMO games for personal computers confidently lead in all indicators among games of various genres and account for 60% of the profits of all PC games, earning $19,8 billion in 2016. Superdata claims that in 2017 only free-to-play games took the lion’s share (69%) of PC’s $33 billion market.

From the developers perspective, according to “State Of The Game Industry” report presented by GDC, 60% of respondents* are currently developing games for PC (45% in 2017). PC segment remains profitable and steadily growing for investors and developers, however, the retail problem is increasing the pressure. Getting into publisher’s catalogue can cost 6070% of the total game revenue. Less than a quarter of developers are working with publishers now because it leaves them with almost no profit.

Decentralization trend brought a number of digital stores to the market. Once on the rise now, they are dealing with both gamers’ and developers’ discontent. Stores aim at selling as much games as possible, however fail to consider gamers’ behavior and engagement at various genres which is opposite to developers’ intentions and gamers’ interests.

Usually developers pay 30% to the store for placement while associated services (i.e. marketing) are viewed as shady regarding conditions. While major platforms are focusing on “easy to get profit”, “low hanging fruit” type of games, they particularly do not want to deal with those products that require longer time to be established. Like MMO games that usually take long life cycle.

Also MMO games are exploiting the competition factor and possible interaction as the basics of high engagements and longtime interest, which means that platform needs to be tech-easy for game updates, scaling, long-term maintenance. Current solutions provide outdated toolkits and gamedevs have to spend extra effort on creating in-game services layer and its integration at the platform. At the meantime gamers are forced to use programs from outside of the used platform for comfortable gaming experience.

Another big claim from developers to stores is audience shift. The developer is leading gamers to the the specific game, but the store takes over the crowd shifting its attention to next games and features depending on store’s internal priority. Trafficking and marketing options are limited (if ever available to the developer) and are focused on the store first and only then on the games if at all. As mentioned above that are unfavorable conditions for games with long life cycle like MMOs.

Thus, both developers and gamers have no solution on the market to meet their needs — infrastructure, income opportunities, favorable and transparent conditions for long-term stay.

This is why The Abyss is taking over the idea of creating a friendly and fair platform for MMO games where players and game developers can use all the services and features at one place. On The Abyss, developers can interact directly with the audience to mutual benefits of both parties.

Specially for MMOs

Brilliant MMO is usually a long-term entertainment process. The Abyss will introduce a developed infrastructure with built-in integrated gaming solutions for interaction and communication — voice-to-voice apps, a hub for guilds, DKP-system and more to meet community demands.

“This is exactly what we call a one stop place for MMO games

Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, the Founder of The Abyss.

The Abyss also implements the unified inter-game payment system based on its own token.

The same approach of one-space place applies for developers. The main goal is to create convenient operational framework for smooth integration at the launch stage and stable project management to the developer afterwards. The Abyss will be looking at providing trafficking guarantees — promotional activities will be focused on games in addition to the opportunity to build community for the specific game at the early development stage. Various marketing options will also be open for developers to manage at all stages.

The Referral System

The Abyss has created a unique referral program — referral program is built at the platform level not in the game. This peculiarity will bring a lot of benefits utilising cross-game opportunities during extended period of time.

Developer publishes a game on the platform and shares a unique referral link with its existing gamers, making them the game’s level-one referrals. Gamers invite their friends to join the game using their referral links. These become 1–2–3–4–5-level referrals for the game, bringing additional income from their transactions and in-game payments. Developers can be sure that all gamers they bring in, will generate an additional referral income even if they play in other games. Even in case the developer shuts his game down, he will still retain his referral network. Thus, referral network becomes an instrument of incremental income for developers.

“Each gamer emerging on the platform becomes a part of the referral system. He can be linked either to the game (in case he has joined by developer’s invitation) or to other gamer profile, if a referral link was shared through a personal invitation. Nevertheless, each gamer can develop his/her own network and benefit from it. Those to come first, can build an own broader referral network that has potential to generate some income”

Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky.

The Abyss is spending of its revenue on referral system. Reducing its profit to give back to the referral networks, The Abyss establishes model more fair of a solution rather than any existing market opportunities.


The Abyss will soon launch the digital distribution game platform specialized on MMOs — one of the most promising and exciting game segments on the market — and will be the One Stop Place platform for many brilliant MMO games.


The Abyss Team

*The Game Developers Conference has surveyed nearly 4,000 game developers as part of the sixth annual State of the Industry Survey, which provides a snapshot of the game industry and highlights industry trends ahead of GDC 2018 in March.