The Abyss Prototype Goes Live

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A week ago we have published a short teaser, announcing the launch of a visual prototype covering some of the functionalities of The Abyss digital distribution platform, that a dedicated, combined (technology & design) team has been working on.

We’re spending much time on implementing and testing various technologies, making improvements, as well as thinking through the best user experience, to deliver a state-of-the-art and user-friendly prototype providing maximum comfort and usability for you.

Today, we’re pleased to present the MS Windows version of a prototype which is already available for download (43 Mb) at the official landing page.

More features and languages (in addition to 6 already existing translations) that are currently under development to be added soon, and there is much space left for even further improvement. Work is in progress.

We mark the launch of a prototype as a major milestone for the project, and hope it shows at its best our intent to build the most innovative digital distribution platform on the market.

Go ahead and check it right this moment.


The Abyss Team