The Abyss Signs Technical Advisor

The Abyss Team is thrilled to announce Mikko Ohtamaa to join the project as Technical Advisor.

Mikko has been developing cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contract technologies since 2013. He is the Co-Founder and CTO of TokenMarket, one of the leading token sale platforms.

“I am helping this team, because I believe they might have enough professionalism to be one of the first DAICOs, both legally and technically. The team members have credible blockchain background and I have met them face-to-face in several conferences.” — Mikko Ohtamaa.

Mikko holds MSc. in industrial engineering and management from the University of Oulu (Finland). He actively engages in developer and open source communities, including Ethereum, Python and JavaScript.

In 2017, Mikko ran technical execution for 20+ successful token sales. We believe that his technical skills and experience will contribute to enhancing the project’s cybersecurity and performance.

Welcome on board!


The Abyss Team