The Abyss Team Backed By The US Legal Advisors

Due to uncertain regulatory climate in the US, we initially planned to completely exclude US residents from participating in The Abyss Token Sale (DAICO). But we did not give up our attempts to find a way to include US residents in our DAICO within the bounds of US law and regulations.

Today, we are glad to announce that Max Dilendorf and Rika Khurdayan, the founders of Dilendorf Khurdayan, a New York City-based law firm, officially joined The Abyss as the US Legal Advisors.

Max’s practice involves real estate, blockchain, virtual currencies and ICOs. He advised local and international blockchain startups and developers with launching ICO projects in the U.S., including blockchain real estate development and management platform, cross-blockchain crypto trading platform, B2B blockchain-based freelance platform and many others. Max handles legal and SEC regulatory aspects of the blockchain industry, including rules applicable to token generating events and crypto fund formations.

Rika’s practice involves international private client work, blockchain, virtual currencies and ICOs. She focuses on legal and regulatory aspects of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, particularly, securities and futures regulations applicable to token generating events and cryptocurrency. Rika advises a variety of clients, including private equity and venture capital funds, private companies and family offices, blockchain start-ups and experienced developers. She helps these clients navigate the multiple securities laws, tax laws, property regimes and legal systems as they move people, financial assets and business interests across international borders.

We are confident that Max’ and Rika’s skills and experience in law and regulatory field will be a valuable asset to our project.

Welcome onboard!

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