The Abyss Team Expands: VP of Platform Development and a System Architect

The Abyss Team is pleased to announce that Stanislav Kuzin and Sergey Zakharchenko joined us as VP of Platform Development and a System Architect respectively.

Stanislav brings us 20 years of increasingly responsible experience in creating scalable and highly available IT services. In addition to this, Stanislav has also worked in a variety of quality roles, from web projects development to agile and scrum coach. Prior to joining The Abyss, he’s been a Deputy CTO at Social Discovery Ventures and worked for Acronis as well.

Sergey has 10+ years of experience in designing, developing and maintaining scalable B2B and B2C solutions. He is the author of several patents and numerous publications related to novel hardware and scientific computing. Sergey is also a Master of Science (MSc) in applied mathematics and physics (MIPT).

We’re sure that Stanislav’s and Sergey’s knowledge and skills will enhance our capabilities in platform’s development.

Welcome on board, guys!


The Abyss Team

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