The Abyss To Be Supported by Xsolla

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Dear all, The Abyss is excited to announce today that Aleksandr Agapitov, CEO of Xsolla, will be joining the project as a Product Advisor. As a successful tech entrepreneur with an extensive background in the video game industry and experience in digital marketing, he is a perfect fit to advise The Abyss team in building its next-generation digital distribution game platform.

Aleksandr is the founder and CEO of Xsolla, providing tools and services to game developers and publishers to monetize their games globally — user acquisition, payment solutions, game store building and management, the #1 fraud protection in the video game industry, international year-round customer support, marketing worldwide, and data analytics/visualization.

Xsolla’s technical solutions will create a bridge between their 2000+ game projects and The Abyss, giving quick and easy access to the platform. By using Xsolla, developers will be able to pass through all the processes required for onboarding their games on The Abyss, without leaving their user account. This will drastically simplify the integration process.

“I am happy to support this fantastic team. The Abyss has a brilliant vision, and I am looking forward to helping them in realizing their goals of reinventing digital content creation and distribution.”

Aleksandr Agapitov, CEO of Xsolla.

“We are excited with the fact that Aleksandr will bring his vast experience, depth of technical knowledge and wisdom in the field of video games distribution and technological solutions that will help our project reach its targets.”

Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, Founder of The Abyss.

Welcome on board, Shurick!


The Abyss Team