The Abyss To Conduct Official Token Sale (DAICO) in the U.S.

No kidding. The Abyss Token Sale (DAICO) will be officially launched in the U.S., providing its citizens and residents a right to participate.

We are committed to staying compliant with the current regulations governing the issuance of new tokens.

Upon advice of our attorneys, we decided to proceed with the sale in the U.S. to accredited investors only under Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933 and to non-U.S. persons under Regulation S. The tokens sold under Regulation D will carry transfer restrictions in accordance with regulations.

This means that each U.S. contributor participating in The Abyss Token Sale (DAICO) will need to pass the accredited investor verification process (KYC) as required by the U.S. law.

This will make our Token Sale (DAICO) available in the USA.

Stay tuned!

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