The Abyss to Cooperate with Revain on Blockchain Games Reviews

The Аbyss Team
Feb 11, 2020 · 3 min read
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The Abyss is happy to announce a cooperation with Revain, blockchain-based review platform for crypto community. As part of this cooperation, The Abyss will help Revain to launch a new section dedicated specifically to blockchain games. Chain Warriors, the first blockchain game on the platform, is included in the first wave of blockchain games listed on Revain.

To celebrate this cooperation, The Abyss, together with Revain, will reward top 5 authors by number of reviews with RVN tokens (1 RVN = 1 USDT):

  • 1st place — 15 RVN
  • 2nd place — 10 RVN
  • 3rd place — 5 RVN
  • 4th place — 3 RVN
  • 5th place — 2 RVN

Besides, users with 30 high-quality reviews will receive Revain Expert status, which will grant them an exclusive access to new capabilities on Revain platform and competitions with rewards. Fill in a special form to confirm your participation!

Trust is incredibly important to have before using any blockchain-based products. With this new section, Revain is aiming to bring it with authentic and high-quality feedback to the new emerging field of blockchain games. Users can rate each game from 1 to 5 stars and write a comprehensive review with pros and cons.

Ability to share thoughts and reviews is very important for all gamers, especially when it comes to blockchain games that are a new type of online video games. They are using blockchain technology to integrate cryptocurrencies into games internal economies and allow users to own and trade digital items inside them. Being a new niche in gaming industry it creates disbelief among gamers and our goal is to eliminate this disbelief and make lifes of gamers much easier.

For now, there are 33 various blockchain-based games for users to review in special section on the site, including popular projects like CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained and My Crypto Heroes. All listed games are different by genres, platforms and current statuses.

The Abyss’s first blockchain game on Revain is an ambitious MMORPG Chain Warriors. Classic RPG mechanics, PvP and PvE battles, nice graphics and much more. We, together with developers, are super excited to find out what you think about this game!

The Abyss cares about its users and therefore we decided to help in creation of such service together with Revain. Chain Warriors is only the first step in this direction — as other blockchain games appear on The Abyss, they will be added to Revain for you to watch the rating and decide whether to play or not to play. In the meantime, leave reviews and share your thoughts!

The Abyss Team

About The Abyss
The Abyss is a digital distribution platform for online video games. The Abyss supports game developers by providing a complete technology stack allowing them to easily run, market and manage game projects with no third parties involved. Users are offered a series of income-generating services including the unique referral program which serves as an additional revenue stream for gamers and developers. For more information on the platform visit official website.

About Revain
Revain is a new generation feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesn’t allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it. Using blockchain technology, Revain managed to create an economic model, which allows common users to stay highly motivated because of the RVN token. Using the second token — R and nonlinear conversion mechanism, Revain acquired an absolutely stable internal token. And finally, due to Ethereum platform, Revain was able to create a transparent system, guaranteeing immutability and incorruptibility.

The Abyss Platform

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