The Abyss Whitelist

The Аbyss Team
Feb 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Hi, all! On February 28 (09:00 UTC), we will enable whitelisting and a Telegram Bot to assist you in procedure (will be available in your personal account’s dashboard). To be added, you will be requested to provide answers to several brief questions, regarding the amount of tokens you are intended to purchase, your citizenship and residential status, etc. Please, consider them with full responsibility.

As a mark of respect to our early supporters, participants that registered before February 7 (23:59 UTC), will be allowed to apply first (during 76 hours after the whitelisting is enabled).

After it, whitelisting will be available for all.

Please note:

  1. Everyone added to the whitelist, will have a guaranteed right to participate (followed by filling the KYC/AML application successfully). However, we reserve the right to stop whitelisting, if the number of applications is too high. In this case, only whitelisted users will participate;
  2. Being the member of our Telegram group is one of the conditions for adding to whitelist.
  3. Any attempts to cheat (i.e. providing wrong answers, trading your whitelist position, etc.) will result in disqualification.

Hope for your understanding! And see you at the Token Sale (DAICO)!


The Abyss Team

The Abyss Platform

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