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The Abyss, the next-generation digital distribution platform, has recently announced listing of ABYSS tokens on HitBTC exchange. This is an outstanding achievement marking a very important milestone in terms of project development.

The Abyss is currently implementing its listing strategy developed by a group of high-end market professionals, each having an extensive competence in the field of exchange listing. Meanwhile, we have also succeeded in finalization of negotiations and confirming listings on other exchanges, like Coinbene, Yobit, Bitforex. The listing applications have been submitted to various relevant exchanges, including top ones, and are still in progress. New listing confirmations are being received almost every day.

The policy to which the exchanges are adherent, prevents us from disclosing the details until the certain agreements are reached. More information will be provided as soon as The Abyss confirms more listings.

Post-ICO experts say that top exchanges are flooded with applications, while reaction and response to the new applications have slowed down.

HitBTC has approved The Abyss for listing in the record short time: 21 days vs. average 32 days for ICO projects*. Only 12.8% of all completed ICO’s* were listed by HitBTC. The Abyss are proud to be one of those few projects.

Listing of ABYSS on HitBTC is a major step opening a wide horizon of opportunities. HitBTC is one of the largest and well established exchanges (operating since 2013), and a part of global Top 7.

Today, it is ranked #7 by daily volume according to data (as of 19:00 UTC June 1, 2018), showing a rapid volume growth. In the past 5 months it made its way up from #13 to the current ranking position.

HitBTC offers numerous benefits that meet the needs of most users globally, which is very important for contributors of The Abyss representing 110 countries worldwide. It is being positioned as the most advanced Bitcoin exchange, and is also known for its exclusive transparency and compliance with government and legal requirements.

In addition to this, let us also remind you that as a part of The Abyss-HitBTC joint promotional campaign and supporting our existing contributors, during the first two weeks all those interested in buying/selling ABYSS tokens will be able to do it with no trading fees charged.

Other updates on The Abyss exchange listing will follow soon. Stay tuned!


The Abyss Team

* all completed ICO’s — based on ICODrops listing, projects completed during period March-May 2018.



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