The Fifth Tap Poll: Final Results

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The Abyss Team is sharing the final results of the fifth tap poll we’ve been running from October 10 (0:00 UTC) to October 12 (0:00 UTC). And this is it: with 82.9% of votes for, the monthly tap (budget) to be allocated to the platform development and marketing has been increased from 1687.5 to 2531.25 ETH.

The tap poll results can be found at dedicated DAICO landing page and at The Abyss official website as well. For additional verification, please visit our smart contract page on Etherscan.

As always, absolutely compliant with DAICO rules, the voting process has been carried out without violations, while being absolutely transparent and available for all ABYSS tokens holders.

We would like to thank all the voters for your time and involvement and also for your support. The transaction fees will be compensated, as previously announced. Considering the harsh market conditions, your faith is extremely important for us now. We do appreciate it.



The Abyss Team