The First Tap Poll: DAICO in Action

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The Abyss digital distribution platform is heading to its first poll for a tap increase. The voting will open when the clock strikes midnight (June 10th, 0:00 UTC) and will be available for 72 hours at Etherscan. The step-by-step instruction on how to vote using Etherscan and MyEtherWallet can be found here (Chapter 1).

The tap poll is the part of DAICO concept (an innovative fundraiser inspired by the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin), aimed at securing the transparency of The Abyss token sale and expenditures that follow. Only ABYSS token holders can participate in the poll. The weight of each vote is limited up 0.1% from total token supply. The tap is meant for supporting the platform development and promotion.

On May 16, 2018, The Abyss has successfully completed its token sale. From that day, a great work has already been done, and the following results achieved:

  • The company’s technical team has increased by 11 highly qualified specialists;
  • We have launched the loyalty program (Save Our Tokens — SOT) helping some of our devoted supporters to recover their tokens, lost by mistake or due to the actions of scammers;
  • The platform development is a continuous process, and we have reported the progress twice already (part 1, part 2);
  • In particular, we have been working with the platform’s prototype back-end, while developing API at the same time;
  • We have developed various scenarios for the user’s registration/authorization on the platform, including the possibility of using personal social media accounts for logging/signing in;
  • The registration/authorization forms for different scenarios have been designed;
  • The first game from Destiny.Games portfolio is made ready for integration to the platform’s prototype;
  • The billing system is completed and ready for integration to the prototype, offering an option to pay with ABYSS tokens for in-game purchases;
  • ABYSS tokens have been listed on 9 exchange services (including the Top-7 ranking HitBTC exchange). One can use tokens to pay for visiting the Token Market 2018 summit this year;
  • The Abyss partnered with Changelly, an instant cryptocurrency exchange service allowing to buy ABYSS tokens for USD/EURO using a bank (credit/debit) card, and also to convert ABYSS tokens to Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

On Monday, June 11, we will share the detailed news covering the current platform development process and report all related updates.

The Abyss Team is moving ahead with unique revolutionary game platform creation according to the initial time schedule. Our further immediate plans include:

In terms of platform development:

  • Hiring 5 senior / lead programmers and 10 middle and junior developers to work on the platform;
  • Replacing the prototype’s single-page Web app with the platform brand-new design;
  • Renewing the user’s profile page;
  • Adding the possibility to deposit tokens on The Abyss account;
  • Implementing the mechanism allowing to withdraw tokens from The Abyss personal account to the user’s cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Adding the history of transactions;
  • Adding all games from Destiny.Games portfolio to the platform;
  • Integrating Changelly’s and Xsolla’s solutions.

In terms of marketing & PR:

  • Increasing awareness about The Abyss in key markets through various activities in own, earned and paid media;
  • Reaching pre-agreements for partnerships with game developers;
  • Participation and presentation during the major game industry event E3 in USA;
  • Creating partnerships within crypto industry and promote DAICO.

We’re working hard to deliver the best experience to The Abyss token holders, and would like to thank all of you for your support. We really appreciate it.

The current monthly tap is 500 ETH, and the goal that we’re setting for the upcoming poll is increasing it to 750 ETH. The poll is to become the best illustration of DAICO in action, driven by the principles of democracy and transparency.

The tap poll results will be available online, and you will be able to check it any time at Advanced users can also verify the results on Etherscan.

See you at the tap poll, at 0:00 UTC.


The Abyss Team