The First Tap Poll: Final Results

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Now it’s official. The Abyss Team is sharing the final results of the first tap poll we’ve been running from June 10 (0:00 UTC) to June 12 (0:00 UTC). This is it: with 92,8% of votes for, and only 7,2% against, the monthly amount of ETH to be disbursed from the DAICO smart contract for the platform development and marketing purposes has been increased from the initial 500 to 750 ETH.

The tap poll results can be also found at The Abyss official website and can be verified at our smart contract page on Etherscan.

Fully compliant with DAICO rules, the voting process has been carried without violations, while being absolutely transparent and available for all ABYSS tokens holders. We’ve been watching the poll with interest and excitement, and are very grateful to all the voters for their time and involvement. The first tap poll results show at its best all the faith that you put in our joint project.

The recently released prototype has become an important and a big step towards our key target, but there’s still much to be done. Plenty of work is ahead, and it is with your support that we will be able to go all the way to success.


The Abyss Team