The Official Mobile App

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Dear all, excited to introduce The Abyss Assistant, our official mobile app for iOS, which is already available for download. You can use it to monitor and watch your referral network expand, track the number of purchased and bonus tokens, copy and even instantly share (by using the QR-code) the referral link with your friends. All relevant Token Sale (DAICO) data is delivered directly to your device.

Please, pay special attention, that you can not buy tokens or/and apply for KYC / AML through this app!


  • Personal referral link available for copying or/and instant share (with QR-code);
  • Purchased and bonus tokens info;
  • Number of referrals, split by levels;
  • Security settings (Touch ID, passcode protection);
  • F.A.Q. page.

The Abyss Assistant has been unleashed in the AppStore, and you can go and download it right this moment.

P.S. Those, who still have concerns about our referral program, please read the legal memorandum and opinion concluding that it constitutes lawful under the U.S. Federal Law:


The Abyss Team