The Tap Poll #4 Starts on Sep 10, 0:00 UTC

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The Abyss digital distribution platform is heading to its 4th poll for a tap increase. The voting will open when the clock strikes midnight (Sep 10, 0:00 UTC) and will be available for 72 hours at Etherscan. The step-by-step instruction on how to vote using Etherscan and MyEtherWallet can be found here (Chapter 1).

The tap poll is the part of DAICO concept (inspired by the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin), aimed at securing the transparency of The Abyss token sale, project development and expenditures that follow. Only ABYSS token holders can participate in the poll. The weight of each vote is limited up 0.1% from total token supply. The tap increase is following the plan of development and promotion.

On Aug 10, 2018, The Abyss has successfully conducted the third poll for a tap increase. From that day, a great work has already been done, and the following results achieved:

1) Security:

  • We have enabled the 2-factor authentication (2FA) as a way of strengthening protection of users’ digital data and assets;
  • Added switch on/off the 2FA using the code obtained via email;
  • The mandatory email confirmation for newly registered users;
  • The additional code confirmation for tokens withdrawal requests.

2) Platform website design and features:

  • The blurred background of the platform homepage has been changed;
  • Animation added to all pages, including Homepage, Game page and Profile page;
  • Minor changes to Profile page design for the better usability;
  • In this respect, we have added localization to Indonesian language, which has become the 16th website translation.

3) ABYSS token:

The Abyss is the top token among projects conducted their token sale in Feb-July 2018 with 19 trading pairs and 15 exchanges listed;
  • The Abyss was recently listed on Indodax exchange;
  • In the context of The Abyss “Save Our Tokens” (SOT) loyalty program we’ve helped our supporters to recover tokens, lost by mistake or due to the actions of scammers. Out of 48 applications submitted 24 were approved so far, and the total amount of 474,351.4354 ABYSS will be distributed among verified applicants as damages.

4) Airdrop webpage:

  • A special Airdrop webpage has been launched allowing to learn more and track The Abyss giveaways in progress. All our airdrop campaigns will be brought together on a single web-platform for your comfort;
  • Introducing the airdrop landing page was essential for the success of our project. It is a helpful tool for implementing The Abyss exchange listing policy and supporting ABYSS token. The Airdrop page is the first run of a motivational and referral programs, the key features of The Abyss platform;
  • We have created the basis for a new adaptive design (for desktop, mobile and tablets), which is crucial for an airdrop page adaptive view;
  • The Airdrop webpage is already adjusted for mobile devices, allowing for an easy and fast access from any smartphone.

5) Expanding the team:

  • We have reinforced the development staff by hiring 6 high-end professionals, including: 1 Front-end Developer, 1 Senior C# Developer, 1 QA Engineer and 3 Python Developers;
  • Marketing team has welcomed Janna Goranskaya, an experienced professional with 15+ of experience in the video game industry, joined our team as Platform Development Director. The main responsibility of Janna is to establish and manage partnership with game developers, create platform positioning and input for key features for end-users appreciation;
  • Another important marketing team member joined was Evgeniya Shevchuk, Head of PR, who will execute promotion in own and earned media, as well as through external events.

6) Marketing:

  • We have participated in major video game events. Both brought great opportunities for The Abyss. We have promoted our project by presenting all its features and benefits, and have talked to industry leaders and influencers.
  • ChinaJoy-2018 expo, Asia’s largest video game and digital entertainment fair;
  • Gamescom (Germany), one of the world’s largest video game events with hundreds of thousands of visitors annually;
  • Meetings, presentations and negotiations with potential partners are taking place. These game developers represent various regions, format and genres of video games.

The team continues to operate in the very unfavorable crypto market. Despite this, the ABYSS/ETH price in August has increased by 57%. Still, the team has to manage current situation with ETH rate drop while project expenditures are in fiat.

Next month plans continue to be very intense as we are one more step closer to the product completion. Development team is working on the product features, creation of useful and easy SDK and other features, that will be ready according to the road map. There is also a big focus on confirming partnerships with game developers, other important members of the The Abyss ecosystem. Team will participate in critical industry events to engage with potential partners, from one side, and to strengthen its role in crypto community from the other side. Vladimir Kurochkin, President of The Abyss, will travel to blockchain DELTA Summit held in the Motherland of our company, Malta, on October 3–5. The Abyss Team will also meet potential partners in South Korea at G-Star-2018 event in November.

The current monthly tap is 1125 ETH, and the goal for the upcoming poll is increasing it to 1687.5 ETH which will allow to successfully execute all the plans according to the road map.

The tap poll results will be available online, and you will be able to check it any time at Advanced users can also verify the results on Etherscan.

We’re working hard to deliver the best experience to The Abyss token holders, and would like to thank all of you for your support. We really appreciate it.


The Abyss Team

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