The Tap Poll #5 Starts on Oct 10, 0:00 UTC

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The Abyss digital distribution platform is heading to its 5th poll for a tap increase. The voting will open when the clock strikes midnight (Oct 10th, 0:00 UTC) and will be available for 72 hours at Etherscan. The step-by-step instruction on how to vote using Etherscan and MyEtherWallet can be found here (Chapter 1).

The tap poll is the part of DAICO concept (inspired by the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin), aimed at securing the transparency of The Abyss token sale, project development and expenditures that follow. Only ABYSS token holders can participate in the poll. The weight of each vote is limited up 0.1% from total token supply. The tap increase is following the plan of development and promotion.

On Sep 10, 2018, The Abyss has successfully conducted the fourth poll for a tap increase. From that day, a great work has been done, and the following results, related to The Abyss platform development and marketing, achieved:

1) Platform design and features:

  • We’ve introduced a number of interface improvements to The Abyss platform, including the drop-down menu, the new internal modal windows mechanism and “Cookies alert” pop-up window.
  • We’ve designed the universal interface localization mechanism that allows users to read and navigate The Abyss website in their local language. Six translations already exist to date.
  • A new customizable metatag module now allows to configure separate titles and open graphs for each website page.
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), a flexible and highly-scalable cloud-based email sending platform, was selected as our email service provider.
  • The detailed Transaction History one-page section now contains: transaction status, commission amount, balance changes, withdrawal amount, Etherscan links, etc. It also allows to track the referral level of each referral payout, and to know the airdrop campaign of each airdrop reward.
  • The detailed Referral Network section now includes: a promo video (the referral program explainer), the referral program rules, the number of referrals for each level, the amount of payouts for each referral level and a more detailed referral statistics.
  • Minor improvements were introduced to our analytical domain.

2) Airdrop webpage (motivational program):

  • The Airdrop main page has been improved providing more info about future giveaway campaigns.
  • A 6-digit referral code was introduced to the personal user account. It can be copied both manually and automatically.

3) Marketing

  • Yesterday, we’ve revealed the detailed product roadmap disclosing our specific plans, releases and updates until March, 2019.
  • During Oct 3–5, The Abyss team has been participating in Delta Summit, one of the world’s leading blockchain events and the official forum of Malta’s government. Vladimir Kurochkin, President of The Abyss, was speaking at the “Blockchain & the Future of the Gaming Industry” panel session.
  • In October, part of our team were also visiting IGROMIR expo, Russia’s biggest gaming event.
  • ABYSS token has been added to Atomic Wallet, a multi-asset wallet for digital currencies.
  • We’ve also disclosed our plans to make The Abyss platform a one-stop place for the best MMO games and to build the developed infrastructure for MMOs.

4) Next plans

  • The development team is currently working on new product features, including Desktop Client (СDN support), API for project integration (basic functions), the unified system of authorization, etc. All three to be introduced in October.
  • In October, we will be speaking at the White Night Moscow event and DevGamm Minsk Show, where we’ll also meet potential partners. In November, the team will be attending G-Star 2018 game show in Busan, South Korea, spreading a word about the platform and talking partnerships with gamedevs.
  • Finally, on Thursday, Oct 11 (which is already this week), we will reveal the recently announced buyback program details. Don’t miss out and follow our updates.

The current monthly tap is 1687.5 ETH, and the goal for the upcoming poll is increasing it to 2531.25 ETH which will allow to successfully execute the plans according to the road map.

The tap poll results will be available online, and you will be able to check it any time at Advanced users can also verify the results on Etherscan.

We’re working hard to deliver the best experience to The Abyss token holders, and would like to thank all of you for your support. We really appreciate it.


The Abyss Team