Token Sale Re-Scheduled for Long Term Success

Friends, breaking news is on the way!

Heard of the Munchee, a company that built a $15 million token sale? On December 11, 2017, the SEC shut it down by issuing a cease-and-desist act against Munchee.

Since the DAO report was released in July 2017, many developers have operated under the mistaken belief that they could avoid SEC regulation simply by implementing a new virtual token as a utility token. The Munchee order makes clear that that is not the case.

Well, this was bad news. For Munchee for sure, but a good one for us. Because now we can avoid it and make sure we will get the best game platform on Earth.

Having thus recognised the problem in time, our Legal Team strongly advised us this morning to take a couple of weeks from now to secure the regulatory and legal compliance of the U.S.A. jurisdiction regarding our Token Sale, which is now re-scheduled to March 2018.

While it’s easy for us to ignore legal advice and launch the Token Sale now, we choose to equip ourselves for a strong game ecosystem to last for decades, so we believe this re-schedule is necessary.

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The Abyss Team