Vladimir Kurochkin AMA: Highlights

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Hi all! Here are some of the highlights of the recent AMA with Vladimir Kurochkin, President of The Abyss. These sharing our opinion on transparency issue in crypto industry, DAICO benefits and the team’s plans.

  1. DAICO is for tough guys. One has to work hard to start token sale and even harder after to prove this is a real deal. DAICO is the most favorable model for a long-term and transparent run. DAICO is not for scammers.
  2. Transparency and superstrong legal pillar allowed us to deliver the best set up of all ICOs in the world to date — with 19 trading pairs and 15 exchanges listed.
  3. After the token sale is launched, smart contract can’t be changed. We worked hard to secure the process from any manipulations from the side of token holders and team — there are no privileges for anybody.
  4. We have an amazing community! 14 thousand of token holders have a chance to vote for a tap increase or start a refund. The voting is a major feedback — if we on the right track.
  5. We keep our community constantly updated with developments, results, news and programs.
  6. We are using a pure blockchain technology — holding tight to the principles of crypto democracy. We know what to do, we know what services we are going to bring to our users (here’s a tip: the best).
  7. The future of crypto industry is about creating products where the token will bring additional value, will be needed and used. We combine the best elements of blockchain and video game industries. We will bring the services and features to mutual benefits of all parties.
  8. At the moment, we are running the development process according to the roadmap. We have established a number of partnerships already, which will be announced in the due time!

Watch the full version of AMA at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DD5zbO6hU0


The Abyss Team