We are genuinely sorry!

Friends, being in our shoes, others would have definitely found someone or something else to blame. Cryptokitties, nasty weather, Ethereum pump, alarming news from South Korea, or Donald Trump. There are plenty of “reasons” one can imagine.

Surely, we could have ignored all the mistakes we did commit in a fuss, getting ready for the Pre-Sale, and with fingers crossed, strive to success against all odds. We were in a desperate rush putting everything planned into effect to launch the Pre-Sale. But today we realized that lots of small points are missing. Steve Jobs wouldn’t love this. We admit our mistakes and are ready to get rid of the shit. Because we care. We’re aimed at introducing the best platform on the market and will come up with it.

The current decision is to conduct a full-fledged Pre-Sale, starting on December 18, 2017 (15:00 UTC), and closing a minute before the stroke of midnight, December 31, when:

The main Sale is now delayed to January 9, 2018, ending on February 15, 2018, right before the Chinese New Year. The official announcement will follow. By this time, we will be fully prepared, and provide the first screenshots of The Abyss platform.

P.S. As an excuse, all previously whitelisted Pre-Sale participants will enjoy a lifetime increased income (+50%) from payments made by their first level referrals, despite the amount of their Token Sale contribution.

See you at Pre-Sale and Sale on our web page: https://www.theabyss.com

Sincerely yours,
The Abyss Team