What Distinguishes Us From Other Game Platforms?

Jan 23, 2018 · 2 min read
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Greetings, The Abyss community! I’m , an executive producer at , the video game company that backs The Abyss project and a team of enthusiasts I have an honour to be a part of. The story I’m about to share is not an official announcement on behalf of the project. It is rather short, yet informative, helping to answer one of the most popular questions users keep asking us from the very day The Abyss idea was revealed:

What distinguishes us from other popular digital distribution game platforms?

We got used to give quick and usually brief answers, explaining about blockchain and crypto rewards, payment possibilities, 5-level referral program and motivational system, introducing the amazing new services and emphasising an ultimate game experience The Abyss will deliver to gamers and developers.

Well yes, further detailed investigation into the depths of our will surely provide more answers, but we highly appreciate your time, and therefore prepared something really special for you.

We’ve carried out a profound comparison analysis and here is the result. This comparative table below, also available on our official website, outlines the key differences between The Abyss and three of its main competitors — Steam, GOG and Kongregate. Take a look at all these outstanding functional features (most of them being absolutely exclusive) you will receive on joining the project.

The table also illustrates our strategic vision of how the next-generation digital distribution game platform should look like. Full version of comparison table is available on .

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But still our platform needs your support. Apart from contributing to the world’s first , you can also support the project offering your ideas of further improvements.

You can share your thoughts in our Telegram , or contact us via , or social media.

Every suggested point is priceless. Welcome, friends!

Sincerely yours,

Artem “Shanni” Veremeenko

The Abyss Platform

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