What is The Abyss and why we will tame a Unicorn?

Taming a Unicorn is a big deal, that requires a strong business idea and a will to create a breathtaking product demanded by billions of users globally. This is all about The Abyss and its team members.

Watch this short business video, where the project’s key people speak about The Abyss digital distribution platform, its idea and core features, functional advantages and plans to compete with Steam.

Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, Founder
Basically, there is only one digital distribution platform on the market cumulating the entire gamer community. …We all know its name. Yes, still it’s difficult to challenge Steam. But this is exactly what we do”.
Vladimir Kurochkin, President
“To attract users to the platform, we implement our own 5-level referral program. It’s simple — you receive a share of tokens your friends spend in various games. As well as the share of payments friends of your friends make. And so on, 5 referral levels down”.
Artem Veremeenko, Executive Producer
“Our main goal is to create a portal to the cryptoworld for a 2 billion gamer audience”.

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