Why We Don’t Offer Volume Bonuses / Discounts In Our Token Sale (DAICO)

One of the questions that we have been receiving again and again, ever since we have started to promote The Abyss — What’s the discount I get, if I contribute XYZ ETH? Those, who raised the question presume that, the more they contribute, the cheaper the token price should be. For sure, many token sales know how to attract investors by lucrative, or sometimes surreal, bonus or discount offers, and as time goes, many investors think token sales should come with this kind of offers. All seems fine, until we take a step back to think what volume bonuses really mean.

1. Volume bonuses make you contribute to a project with a wrong reason

We hope everyone who contributes, is a believer of our project and vision, instead of just doing “impulsive shopping” during a big sale event. We all have the experience of getting what we don’t really like (and soon become a complete waste of space), just because they are on sale. The similar kind of impulsiveness and short-sightedness is not something we are looking for here. What we need is early supporters who will stay with us, grow with us, and enjoy long term reward from the REAL VALUE of our platform.

2. Volume bonuses are against the egalitarian spirit of crypto

Crypto is not a rich man’s game. If you go to an exchange to buy crypto, no matter you are buying 0.1 or 10 coins, you get the same exchange rate. Yes, in reality, some exchanges do offer a cheaper transaction fee percentage for bulk purchases. There might be a 0.2% and 0.3% difference in admin fee, but never “20% off” “50% off” the asset itself! If there’s no way any token will be discounted after they get listed on exchanges, then why should we offer discounts during the token sale stage?

3. Volume bonuses might increase frauds and scams

When you offer volume bonuses, contributors who don’t want or can’t contribute enough to get the bonus, will find others who are also interested in contributing, and have them send their ETH to a representative, have him do the purchase and then the distribution to everyone in the pool accordingly, when token sale ends. In reality, this is a problematic practice. The person collecting everyone’s ETH, can disappear with the money. Pool the money with strangers is risky — and there is no one to blame when your money is gone, if you are ok with sending money to a stranger in the first place. If there is no volume bonuses to begin with, there is no need for pool contributions. Many scams during token sales begin with a DM from a stranger that looks like, “Hi! We can help you to invest XYZ in token sale and you get XX% additional bonuses if you do it with us…”

At The Abyss, we are creating a fair and profitable ecosystem for gamers and developers, and this is achieved by a Сrypto Reward Ecosystem in which everyone has EQUAL chances to enjoy referral bonus. The belief of “no one should be ’more equal’ than others” is also reflected in the way we operate our Token Sale (DAICO), and therefore, we have decided not to offer any volume discounts, to ensure a level playing field for all. We hope the community will resonate with our belief. We hope other projects will also do their best to maintain a fair game for all.

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