Will To Live, an MMORPG-shooter, to Join The Abyss

Hey all! Are you ready for yet another game announcement? Because we have one. An atmospheric Will To Live online multiplayer shooter (developed by AlphaSoft studio) just got on our upcoming games list, and will be released on The Abyss soon after launch.

In greater detail about the game now.

Will To Live is a brilliant combination of MMORPG mechanics and first person shooter set in a dark & severe post-apocalyptic world. Gamers are to explore the territories inhabited by violent bloodthirsty creatures and engage in fierce battles with mutants and other survivors. The battles for resources, faction outposts and… existence.

Gameplay#1 — Shooting the unknown creature

Those who find a stronger will to live inside them, will survive and move on!

The game’s key features:

  • Atmospheric MMORPG multiplayer shooter with post-apocalyptic setting;
  • An open world with anomalous zones, and loathsome mutant-like creatures as settlers;
  • Dynamic weather, and day-and-night system;
  • Four different character classes with their unique talents, weaponry and ammunition;
  • Crafting, trading, quests, faction/clan wars for the territories;
  • Raid bosses with unique loot and dungeons;
  • New locations, weapons and armour to open, character talents to develop, production resources to find, and many more.
Gameplay#2 — Fighting back the spiders

Currently in early access, already available Will To Live is gaining popularity and enjoys an increase in the number of gamers struggling for existence and proving their right to live. The game will be released on The Abyss soon after the launch of the platform scheduled for Q1 2019.

Official gameplay video


The Abyss Team

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About AlphaSoft LLC
AlphaSoft LLC is an independent studio from Central Asia, founded in 2014. “Will To Live Online” is a company’s debut project which has gained many fans among gamers in the post-apocalyptic setting. At the moment, the company continues to work on Will To Live Online, releasing regular updates and developing the game.