“Build a better world with ACO.” IDHub to be the first use case on ACO platform

May 29, 2018

From left Tien Lu (CTO of ACO Platform), Ted Huang (Board Advisor of ACO Platform), Kenneth Chen (CTO of IDHub), Don Hsieh (Core Developer of IDHub)

IDHub, a nonprofit foundation that registered in Singapore, announced its partnership with ACO Platform Foundation. As a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), IDHub devotes to digital identity solution equipped with three elements: sovereignty, security, and privacy. IDHub had completed its pre-sale and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), and had been listed on two exchanges: GDEX and LBank.

Through this strategic partnership, ACO reviews and accredits the status of IDHub. Once IDHub meets the standard required, ACO will guarantee IDHub by insurance and facilitate the process of listing on other exchanges. IDHub is the first use case to go through the accreditation process of ACO. It is a tremendous milestone since ACO and IDHub are both foundations committed to leveraging blockchain technology in the social good sector.

The mission of IDHub is to build a better world. By providing an effective identity for unbankable or economically disadvantaged people, we can dismantle the poverty trap and realize financial inclusion. “I am particularly interested in the technical stack of ACO.” said Kenneth Chen, the CTO of IDHub. “IDHub and ACO have a shared vision. We both want to help unbankable people. The accreditation process could also protect the rights of IDHub investors. I am looking forward to the fruitful results of the partnership.” said Don Hsieh, the core developer of IDHub.


Start-ups are always on the lookout for good opportunities. The famous fundraising option used to be the initial coin offering of famously known as ICO. However, ICO is declining due to scams and considered as high-risk fundraising mechanism. Business owners will have this in their minds, “How do you create a safe and healthy environment for crypto-fund industry?” because there are inherent risks when using ICO model.

ACO is the solution There has been increasingly larger demand for alternatives to the ICO to be created. ACO came to the rescue. This is the reason why IDHub decided to partner up with ACO Platform Foundation. Here are the facts why this strategic partnership made IDHub business become easier:

1. ACO platform addresses the assurance of their potential investors investment. It is the first market regulated crypto-funding platform in the world.

2. The affiliate members such as institutional banks and insurance companies as part of ACO ecosystem increase the confidence level of their backers to invest in IDHub project.

3. The Blockchain technology that enabled ACO platform is an insanely great enabler and all the business process complexity had been simplified and automated via smart escrow contract.

About ACO Platform Foundation

Founded in 2018, the ACO foundation is dedicated to improving the health of the ICO ecosystem through the Accredited Coin Offering(ACO) Platform. The ACO platform is an end-to-end token sale platform with government backing that allows startups to create token sales in a regulation-friendly environment, and with institutional bank backing.

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